Well, Hello There!

No, I didn’t completely abandon my blog and I know I totally need to get rid of this Christmas theme. The move & new job had me pretty busy for the past month. Life on the home-front has been interesting (but pretty fabulous overall). Boyfriend’s house is tiny… like small studio apartment tiny. Me & my 3 dogs moving in means that stuff is piled everywhere so it is taking a bit of getting use to. I’ve been working 50-60 hours a week so any free time I have after work is spent with my dogs & Boyfriend. I even go 2-3 days at a time without turning on my Xbox 360! Yeah, I’m shocked, too.

Long hours aside, I love my new job. It is so great having my input matter and not constantly be second guessed. It is making me so much more productive. I’ve been told on more than one occasion that it is very fortunate for them that I started when I did otherwise they would have been screwed. The week I started my employer moved into a new facility there were many more IT issues than they ever thought there were going to be.Just to give you an idea of the not-very-well-planned move… even though they weren’t in use, the servers weren’t moved from the old facility so I could put them on the new network until Thursday at 3p and opening was at 3p the next day. I started asking for them when I started that Monday. There were 27 servers that were brought over. None of the vendors were contacted to find out what exactly needed to occur so their software didn’t stop functioning. Yeah… big fun. Thankfully, after a month of insanity, we’re finally slowing down a little so I should be able to start working closer to 40 hours again. Yay!

Even though I wasn’t able to get back up to Michigan because of sucky weather, the holidays were pretty great.  Boyfriend & I got our tree about a week before Christmas. It was my first real tree in years and his first Christmas tree ever (besides the one at his parent’s house) so it was pretty special. It was beyond cute how excited he was that we could put our presents under the tree on Christmas Eve & open them when we woke up on Christmas Morning – which was at like 7a, by the way, because he was already awake for an hour and couldn’t contain his excitement anymore. I love the fact that he was totally into “Santa” getting gifts for my dogs. Freya got the world’s biggest bone that we keep stubbing our toes on and the boys got cuddle babies to keep in their houses.

We had a quiet New Year’s Eve. I ended up going into work for a 1/2 day so afterward we just went to a movie, made dinner at home, watched the countdown on TV, and played Video games till the wee hours. Since we stayed up so late and I was exhausted from the long hours I was putting in, I slept most of New Year’s Day away. It was completely fabulous.

Shortly after Christmas Freya went into heat. That’s been quite interested seeing as I never had Reggie neutered. Freya went from being Reggie’s mortal enemy to his best friend on earth… horny old fart. Things are finally starting to calm down from that and we still have peace in the house instead of the constant growling and fighting. And Freya has a play buddy… somewhat.

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