Work Rant

The hour long daily phone calls with my manager is getting on my nerves to the point where I’m losing my patience. If they were productive, it wouldn’t be a bad thing but he talks in circles and makes off-the-wall statements where I have to spend more time explaining things that he really has no clue about anyway.

Today he kept telling me he needed me to get him some information. Finally, after the 4th time he repeated it, I told him that if he would have let me get off the phone a half hour ago so I could concentrate on accomplishing my tasks instead of debating the world that he’d have it already. He had the information within 5 minutes… and I completely lost track of what I was trying to accomplish before he called. On top of that, he asked me again to provide information for the other techs so they can support my main location on my days off and show them where all the servers are. Do you want to take a guess how many times that’s been requested? Do you want to know how many times I told him that the documentation is already available for this location as well as the other areas I support and in the department folder on the server (the same folder that I was told to reference whenever I have any questions about our main location that I don’t work at) and that all of the servers are labeled so anyone can easily tell which is which? *SIGH* What good is it for me to document anything if they don’t look at the damn documentation anyway?

It’s actually come to the point where I do not want to answer my phone when I see that it’s him and return the call when I’m not in the middle of doing something. Far too often I get the most incredible headache when our phone calls are done because he just rambles on and on to the point where my head is spinning just trying figure out what the hell he’s talking about.

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