When maybe becomes a reality

For the past several months I’ve been applying for jobs close to where Boyfriend lives. I’ve taken a few interviews and turned down a couple of offers – either because I wasn’t ready or because the job didn’t feel quite right. A few months ago I applied for a job that looked like it had great potential. The position was a Network Administrator position for another tribe. As time went by and I didn’t hear anything I figured that I wasn’t selected to interview. Late Monday afternoon I got a phone call from their HR department asking if I was still interested in the job and if I wanted to come in to interview on Thursday. I told them that I’d be happy to interview but it would be impossible to come down that soon because I was in the middle of moving. Fortunately, they were more than happy to schedule a time that was more convenient for me.

Friday evening on my way to Boyfriend’s house I realized that I forgot clothes for the interview. I had black dress pants but no shoes. There were a pair of brown boots in my truck but I didn’t have brown pants with me. My shirt selections were work-appropriate but not something I would generally wear to an interview. I’m still in a slight money crunch from moving so I knew I couldn’t buy a whole outfit. I decided on getting yet another pair of black dress shoes (this pair makes 7 but they’re SO CUTE) instead of brown dress pants because I couldn’t see wearing brown to an interview. I started stressing a little as I was getting ready yesterday and told Boyfriend, “Wow… this is the worst I’ve ever looked for an interview.” His response back to me was, “You look pretty! You’ll do great. Just don’t forget to smile and be confident.”

When I got to the location, there were signs everywhere that said “Computer Upgrade on 11/9 at 9 a.m. All systems will be down for approximately 24 hours.”  As I was walking toward my interview location I thought that it was rather odd that they’d be willing to schedule an interview at what could be a potentially inconvenient time… and inconvenient it was since it was almost 1 p.m. and everything was still down. I felt uneasy about the interview as it was because my shirt was far more casual than I prefer then I find out that my interview is pulling away IT staff during an incredibly bad time… “Bleh” That’s all that kept running through my head.

I walked into the interview room and the interview panel made me feel so incredibly comfortable… the only other panel that compares is when I interviewed for my current job and 3 of the 4 people who interviewed me were my brother-in-law, my former boss, and a former co-worker. The interview went incredibly well. So well, in fact, that I knew within the first 5 minutes that they were already planning on hiring me for the job (a person on the panel slipped up… lol). Although, it was pretty great when the IT Manager said, “I’m not going to ask you all these silly questions.” About 20 minutes later they asked if I could step out so they could discuss some things. When I was called back in, they offered me the job and said the HR person had a few things to . I took a deep breath because I knew I didn’t want to leave my job for their starting salary. We went over the background investigation, insurance, PTO, and other benefits. I patiently waited for her to bring up salary… she finally did at the very end. I asked them for a lot more than what the position started at. I figured it would be a good starting point for negotiations.

When I arrived at Boyfriend’s house, I told him how the interview went and I told him that me accepting the position is based on what they offer because leaving my current position means leaving behind an unbelievable benefit package. Later that night when I went to bed I was having a hard time falling asleep so he came in to give me a back rub and tuck me in. As I was falling asleep I heard him say, “Just think, you could have your dream job. You can pick out our house then we’ll be together… and happy.” Wow.

And, I just have to share more of his fabulousness… he was already awake and had the dogs taken care of when I woke up at 4:00 this morning. He made me and my dogs scrambled eggs for breakfast while I was in the shower because he wanted us to have full bellies for our long drive back up to Michigan. And, to make things easier on me, he kept Freya down there for the night and the boys came back to Michigan with me (we’re heading back tomorrow because I’m going to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in Green Bay – WOO HOO).

So, anyway, back to the interview.

I checked my email a couple times this morning to see if they sent anything. There still wasn’t an offer when I went to lunch at 1:00 p.m.  When I returned from lunch there was an email waiting in my inbox with the subject “Network Administrator”. I took a deep breath and opened it. I couldn’t believe it… I had to read the email 3 times to completely absorb it. They accepted what I asked for. Wow.

Now I have to decide if I’m actually going to take the job. Even though my heart is telling me to jump, my head is being cautious. “Be careful of what you wish for” keeps popping into my head. Is the life I’ve wanted through most of my adulthood really be at my fingertips? I can’t help but be somewhat skeptical given my past experiences.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Congrats on the job offer! I can relate to the being cautious thing. When John and I were trying to buy our house, we kept hitting road blocks and I thought for sure it was doomed. But we pushed through, and he kept telling me “have some faith, it wouldn’t have come this far if it weren’t going to work out”. For once, he was right heh. Sometimes, you gotta take that leap of faith. Whatever you decide, good luck!

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