What’s my name? Take 2.

Let’s review this again

My name is NOT Jeanne or Jeannie. It’s not Bonnie. It’s not Pauline or Sharon. My name is Jennie or Kit-Kat. Jen is acceptable but I don’t really prefer it.

It’s very rare that I’m called Pauline or Sharon but it happened on a few occasions when I was working for my tribe. I was even called Jessie (my mom’s name) a couple times. However, its a regular occurrence that I’m called Bonnie or Jeanne. It’s almost to the point where they could be my alter ego (or something). Jeanne & Bonnie are the sisters I either looked most like or had most in common with but when the person sees me on a daily basis and them almost never, why is getting my name right such an incredibly hard concept. Today I corrected someone three times but she still kept calling me Jeanne. I realize Jeanne is close to Jennie but what the hell.

I swear to god if someone ever calls me by my brother’s name, they’re gonna get an eye poked out. The only time that was acceptable was when Mom use to call us “Sharon, Jeanne, Pauline, Bonnie, Chip, Kit-Kat… YOU!” giggle

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One Response to What’s my name? Take 2.

  1. Pauline says:

    Now, if you were named Poopsie like Bonnie originally wanted to name you, there would be no mix-up. Poopsie is unique. Everyone would certainly remember it. Poopsie doesn’t look or even resemble Jeanne. None of the rest of us look like a Poopsie (and thank GoodGollyGoshGee Chip doesn’t look like a Poopsie). You don’t look like a Poopsie either, but that’s beside the point…LOL!

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