Break It Down

New earworm today! This morning Joelle sent this tweet that started it all. Since then I’ve been dancing around the house singing “U can’t touch this.” (Yes, the house… I’m home sick today. My dancing is more like a shuffle.) I had two doggie dance partners at one point. Reggie did his normal jump-n-dance on his back legs and Freya had a little nose-to-hip thing she did to me. It was hilarious… until Reggie got mad and jumped Freya. Later, when all was well in doggie-world again, Freya modified her routine from a nose-to-hip to a nibble-on-buns move proving she could touch this. ::rubs buns::

FYI – Freya is getting huge. Her back is at my mid-thigh and her head is at hip level. When she stands on her back legs, her head is about 3” from my chin.

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