I’m so totally addicted

This is my favorite time of year to shop at Bath & Body Works. I absolutely love their fall line and I always buy myself different bath gel to use each month September thru January. This became a ritual for me when I moved to Green Bay in 2001 and had direct access to a B&BW. A couple weeks ago I went to there to hit the Labor Day Sales. I ended up spending more than double what I planned but they had some great deals on their aromatherapy stuff.

Bath & Body Works: Sleep - Warm Milk & HoneyWhile I was at the counter the clerk showed me a new aromatherapy “Sleep” item that is coming out this month – Warm Milk & Honey. I feel in love with it immediately. The fact that it will be available in a pillow mist makes it that much more exciting for me. It was so incredibly comforting! Thoughts of pampering myself with a nice relaxing bath then jumping in bed after spraying my sheets with the pillow mist immediately starting running through my head.  Currently I use a eucalyptus linen spray that I bought years ago but its running extremely low so this is coming out at a perfect time!

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3 Responses to I’m so totally addicted

  1. Jenn says:

    Oh, I need to get in and check this one out. They had a Vanilla pillow mist I loved years ago. I forgot how much I enjoyed using it.
    Oh, yeah.. I need to go soon. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Pauline says:

    What does sleep smell like?

  3. Kit-Kat says:

    @Pauline Description on B&BW;’s website for Warm Milk & Honey: “Good night. Cinnamon essential oil is comforting. Clove essential oil is calming. Our aromatherapy blend of essential oils evokes the comfort of warm milk and honey so you can get a good night’s sleep.”

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