Hot Potato, Hot Potato!

I had a baked potato for lunch today.  I went about my normal routine of eating the guts then tossing the skin. As I was tossing the skin in the garbage the voices of ExH1, ExH2, and BF were screaming at me in my head, “You should eat the skin, too!”  My thought back to the voices was, “Too bad for you. I’m not gonna and you’re not here to try to talk me into it.” Yes, sometimes I reply back to the voices in my head… but that’s a whole different set of issues. smile

Anyway, I find it funny that all three of them got on me for it and none of them have succeeded in getting me to eat the skin on a regular basis. I know the skins are good for me & blah, blah, blah. I just can’t eat ‘em.  Every now & then I’ll give in & try it but the same thing happens… as soon as I take a bite of the skin, I wanna hurl.

What’s funny is I will eat the skins from a baby red potato and I’ll also order Potato Skins as an appetizer.  But, I absolutely will not eat the skin from a baked potato (nor do I like them in my mashed potatoes, unless its from a baby red).

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2 Responses to Hot Potato, Hot Potato!

  1. Jenn says:

    Roll them in butter, parm and salt before you bake. I am not sure how “good” it still is for you but it will taste all cripsy and yummy.

  2. Frankie says:

    I’m a skin snob too. I have to cook them just right and wash them for long time before I can even think about eating them. then if there is even a hint of dirt taste I am all done with the entire thing.

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