Don’t call me a bitch, you bitch!

When I’m playing Halo I’m usually super shy and say very little unless I’m on a team where I know the majority of my teammates. On one map BF hooked me up with the shotgun in a sweet hiding spot that gets a lot of traffic. I stay still so I’m not detected on radar then when I see someone on radar nearby, I’ll wait until they come around the corner then shoot/punch & they’re dead.

My final game last night I got a ton of kills like this.  Finally after about 5 minutes, the chick from the other team thought she was going to sneak up on me. She comes around the corner and yells, “What’s up, bitch?!” and starts shooting me. So I do my shoot/punch thing and kill her and say, “Nothing, bitch!” then turned around and fight it out with her teammate who thought it was fun to yell “GIMME A BREAK!” the one time he killed me (which made it all the more sweet the 3x I killed him). When I finally died, I tell my team that the chick on the other team called me a bitch so I called her one back and had a feeling their team was out to get me.  I was right… they started coming at me in groups of 3.

At that point I was pretty irritated because I never talk smack while I’m playing because the very high majority of the people I play against are way better than I am. I just kept my mouth shut and didn’t change the way I played (except for the fact that I told my team to “get ‘em”). I ended up having one of my best games! LOL Afterward I happened to look at my “rep” and saw I have my only negative review. WTFevah… Sheesh. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

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