My heart is torn tonight

I had to make an emergency run down to see Boyfriend & Freya this evening. I got a phone call from Boyfriend saying that Freya has worms. He also had a small list of other things he needed for her.  I didn’t want my poor puppy to suffer until I got back down here on Friday so I called Bonnie and asked if she & BigBro could check on my boys tonight while I run the stuff to Wisconsin. I really hated to leave the boys behind because they love coming down here but I really, really don’t want them to pick up worms from being around Freya.

When I got down here Boyfriend had Freya outside.  She recognized me immediately and came scrambling to my feet. She was so happy to see me!  We played outside for a little while then we brought her inside so she could eat and take her medicine. Afterward we took a ride out to the rez so she could visit her mom and siblings. We were pleasantly surprised to see the two males were gone. Freya’s mom and the rest of the girls were so happy to see her. They all played hard for a good half hour before it started raining and we had to leave.

Once we got back to the house Boyfriend & I gave Freya a bath then she and I went to play outside for a while.  We played and ran until she was so pooped she had to drag herself inside!  Since she was tired I sat on the living room floor so she could snuggle up next to me.  She quickly fell asleep with her head resting on my leg. Boyfriend was pretty exhausted, too, so I told him to get some rest while I was here to take care of her.  I got up so I could give him a back rub so he could sleep better. I put a blanket that I brought from home on the floor so Freya had something else here that smelled like me. She buried her nose in it immediately, wagged her tail a couple times, then fell back asleep.

Right now Boyfriend is sleeping really hard in the bedroom and Freya is sleeping really hard in her pen. Freya’s floppy ears are pointed straight up right now and, WOW, does she ever look like a malamute. I really hope her ears stay floppy because they make her look so adorable but does she ever look incredible with them pointed.  Her silver-blue eyes are turning green.  I’m a little bummed about that but I’m happy they’re green instead of brown.

According to Boyfriend, she should be waking up anytime now to go outside.  She stirred a few times trying to get comfortable but I think we played so hard she’s going to sleep a little longer. This is pretty damn close to perfection for me.  I only wish my boys were here with me.

Oops! I spoke too soon… She just woke up. Time to go outside!

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  1. Bonnie says:

    It bites that I lost my fantastic link for when puppies (or grown up dogs) are having medical issues. It is published by a vet and has a disclaimer at the top of the page “so I don’t get a call in the middle of the night”. Tons of advice there & that’s where I learned to deal with doggie issues that can be dealt with at home instead of an emergency vet visit.

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