5 days ‘til Vegas, baby!!

Why I feel the need to add “baby” with nearly every reference to Vegas is beyond me. I can only guess that it has something to do with my excitement for the trip.  It’s to the point where I’m annoying myself with it but I can’t seem to stop. lol!

I am more excited for this trip than any other trip I’ve taken – ever.  What’s funny it has nothing to do with the location. Okay, maybe a little because of the climate and this neverending winter has me at my breaking point. But, Vegas is not even close to one of my favorite cities to visit. Plus, my last trip there almost 7 years ago was a disaster that left an incredibly sour taste in my mouth. Note: Don’t ever let a psychobitch talk you into taking a trip that she insists has nothing to do with making sure her boyfriend isn’t the cheating ass he was & it’s all about the two of you having fun when your gut is screaming she’s full of shit.

Anyway… What has me so excited for this trip is the group of girls I’m traveling with.  Each one is very cool & very fun in their own way (and so very non-psychobitch).  It’s awesome how we all seem to share the same excitement for the trip.  I sometimes wonder if we’re fueling each other.  I’ll admit, a couple days ago I let a few things that are going on in my life stiffle my excitement and second guess my decision to go.  But after talking things out with a couple people and seeing the excitement of the other girls… the excitement-killer was squashed. Everyday life will be here when I return but next week will be a very much needed and well deserved break from it.

Plus, I’m beyond thrilled that I’m vacationing with my niece, Rachel, for the first time as adults. The two of us traveling together is one of those dreams I had for us when she was an itty bitty girl who use to let me do her hair and makeup.


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