The weekend in bullets

  • Friday night Bonnie & I both had dreams about red mopeds. In my dreams, she was trying to steal mine. I told her to get the eff off cuz she didn’t even want one.  In her dream we each had one and were traveling cross country to NY. I told her perhaps in her dream she decided to get her own so we could cruise together. I still can’t help but wonder what our dreams mean for us.
  • I spent hours playing Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2.
  • I received a single text from him thanking me for a gift I bought him & had shipped down prior to the fight.
  • I do believe I lost enough weight to wear the boobie shirts I bought for Vegas. Now I just need the courage.
  • I decided if I’m ever going to bungee jump, this will be the trip I do so.
  • The chinese food I had last night for dinner made me really ill.
  • I think I missed out on the cucumbers. :(
  • Oh! And I gave in to Joe last night.
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  1. I say just do it to the boobie shirts wink The bungee jumping, I’d be too chicken.

    So sorry to hear about the chinese food. Hope you’re feeling better today.

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