Sushi, Please

One of the things that I miss most about ExH2 is our similar taste in food.  Monday evening I treated him to a movie & dinner as a belated birthday present and we started talking about some of the restaurants we miss in the Green Bay/Appleton area.  One of the restaurants was a cool little sushi place on the east side (I have no idea if its still open or not).  Since then I’ve had an insane craving for sushi.  I don’t know of anyone other than him that’s willing to have sushi with me so I’ve been without Sushi since our last visit to Green Bay when we went for his birthday last year.

Last year he & I bought little sushi plates, chopsticks, bamboo mats, & nori sheets so I have everything I need except the fillings.  We just never got brave enough to try to make it ourselves.  This afternoon I came across the site Sushi Day which has instructions & recipes.  This craving is so intense that I’m just gonna dive in & take a stab at it tonight.  I’m super excited!  I’m thinking about trying the Crunchy Shrimp Roll since I can’t seem to get enough shrimp lately either.

PS – WTF is up with my cravings?! Chocolate, sushi, chicken rice soup, steak, prime rib. All over the damn map.

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