Warning: This may be offensive to some

Quick background for those that don’t know me personally… One of my closest friends (Ms. K) just happens to be the sister of ExH1. She & ExH1 haven’t talked for years.

So this morning I’m IMing with Ms. K and she tells me she got a funny (dirty) text joke from one of her friends so she decided to share it with me.

Ms. K: “How can you tell a pregnant woman used a vibrator?”
Ms. K: “Cause the kid stutters.”

After a brief pause…

Me: Wanna know something that makes that really funny but in a sick way?
Ms. K: What?
Me: ExH1 stutters.

Ms. K: I’ll have to make sure to tell Mrs. H that one.

**Mrs. H is her sister (who I still also have an awesome relationship with) and no longer speaks to ExH1 either.

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One Response to Warning: This may be offensive to some

  1. Jeanne says:

    LOL! Too funny!!

    I got that same text earlier tonight too!

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