*Whew* Craving #1 Satisfied

I have one helluva long list of food that I’ve been craving for about a week now.  Fajitas were at the top of that list.  Monday I asked Bonnie & Susie if they wanted to join me at our local Mexican restaurant but neither one of them have been feeling all that great so yesterday I told ‘em I’d just get take-out.  I decided to stop being so damn lazy & just cook for myself and made the fajitas at home.  I use to make them all the time but since I hate cooking for 1 I haven’t made fajitas.  Lemme tell ya… I’m so glad I did.  It was SO worth it.

Something I figured out last week was that I’m severely out of practice cooking.  I made meatloaf on Thursday or Friday that turned out great but could have been better.  Then on Monday I made pork chops & fried potatoes w/gravy and I almost burned my potatoes and my gravy was a little thicker than I wanted.  Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to make beef stew.  Now this is something I haven’t made in about 3 years. Keep your fingers crossed for me so it turns out. smile

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