Holy dark circles, batman!

Only sleeping for an hour and a half does wonders for dark circles.  Why did I only sleep an hour and a half? Well… I started playing World of Warcraft last night and couldn’t stop.  Around 3 a.m. I told a friend that was helping me out that I had to attempt to go to sleep since I had to get up in 4 hours. Forty-five minutes later I was playing again.  I finally called it quits at 5:30a because my eyeballs started to hurt.  At one point I contemplated whether or not to just stay awake all night and pump myself full of coffee.  I’m sorta glad I didn’t. That little nap did wonders for me.  However, I’ve been on a chocolate & caffeine induced cheer for the past 2-3 hours. I have a feeling I’m so going to crash when I get home from work.

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  1. Tasha says:

    At that point I would’ve just called in sick lol

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