Bright Lights, Tiny Houses

I’m going to start by saying I love my neighbors. Seriously. One one side I have an old couple who winter in another state and stay at a cottage or whatever during the summer.  They’re sweet as can be and they’re rarely home. On the other side is a twenty-something couple (I’ll call them S&J).  S&J have the greatest kids that I love to pieces and during the summer we spend quite a bit of time hanging out in our back yards.

The problem is our houses are really close together. My yard light shines in the old couple’s bedroom and S&J’s yard light shines into mine.  Now remember, I go to bed at insane hours so I let my doggies out at insane hours and 48 of the 52 weeks of the year it isn’t a problem.  At 1:00 this morning as I was yelling outside my side door for my boys to come in (with the yard light on) I realized that the old couple is home for a few weeks before they head south for the winter. I felt SO horrible. I quickly turned off the yard light and threw on a jacket to go outside to hunt down them down.  I was standing in my driveway at the corner of my house and S&J’s motion sensor sensed me & turned on the yard light on the side of their house. *sigh* That means they readjusted the motion sensor in the past week or so.

In the spring The Ex asked S&J if they could possibly adjust the motion sensor because it picked up any movement and explained that the light shines directly into our bedroom.  Like I said, the houses are close together.  I could literally roll over in bed – with my shades closed – and it would trigger the yard light.  Yeah… sensitive motion sensor + bedroom 10’ away = light show for the neighborhood.  Thankfully, I hung curtains in addition to the shades a couple months ago because my bedroom needed a face lift so the motion sensor doesn’t pick up every movement. Living alone and being single helps, too. However, if the wind happens to blow some leaves around the motion sensor picks it up, turns on the yard light, and shines directly into my bedroom.  Ugh.  Maybe I’ll go buy heavier curtains.

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