Welcome September

For as much as I hate to see that summer is “gone”, I’m happy that August is over.  For those of you that are unaware, Adam & I separated the first week of August.  We tried to work things out but the more we talked the more we realized that it just wasn’t going to work and we filed for divorce last week.  We are not giving out any details because, well, it’s really nobody else’s business and gossip has a way of taking on a life of its own around here.  So, for those of you that may know partial details we ask that you keep it to yourselves.  Those of you that don’t, please don’t ask – and certainly don’t start digging for details because it’ll just piss us off.  The last thing Adam & I want is for the other to hurt more than we already are.  What’s important is that we’re getting along and we still care deeply for each other.  We still have a some of our stuff to divide and we’re trying to do it without crying or fighting.

I gave Adam the truck because I knew I’d never be able to afford to stay in the house and have the truck payment. So now I’m driving a 1994 Dodge Shadow that I’ve “lovingly” dubbed StupidLilCar. heh.  That car seriously reminds me of a first car.  I joked with Adam that I should buy a fuzzy black steering wheel cover with hearts and matching seat covers then add a kickin’ sound system so it looks like a teenage girl’s car… well, sort of.  It’s still a POS but it runs 1/2 decent and I don’t have a car payment.

The divorce will be final on November 8. This post will probably be the only time I talk about it because I don’t want the reminder when I look back at my archives.  The only exception will be StupidLilCar story – because I KNOW there’s going to be quite a few of them about that lil heap!

Anyway, in other news… work has been insane.  School started this week so there’s all that busy-ness plus add some decent size projects with upcoming deadlines and a dash of personal emotional issues and you’ve got a Frazzled Kit-Kat.  However, this year is 139x better than last year because I don’t have the added stress from the school’s tech department (believe it or not, we’re getting along pretty decent right now!)

Oh… and did I mention I’ll be 33 in 3 weeks?

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  1. Sharon says:


  2. Pauline says:

    AH-hahahaha….33 in 3….that’s kewl

  3. Kurt says:

    Obviously we need to talk more. I feel bad that I haven’t been around much lately. If you ever need to talk though, you know how to reach me.

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