This pic is one that my sister Jeanne took almost a year ago.  I came across it when I was looking through some of her old flickr photos of our Girls Only trips and it made me laugh… mostly because I found out yesterday that a friend of mine categorized my pouts.  Apparently I have The Angry Pout, The Frustrated Pout, and I Know I’m Gonna Get My Way So Give Up Now Pout.  This is photo is The Frustrated Pout – which I actually have going on right this moment because the photo reminds me of how much I miss my longer hair.

A bout with the hiccups

The photo also reminds me of how excited I’m getting for our upcoming trip.  Guess what girlies… its less then two months away! WOO HOO!

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2 Responses to *pout*

  1. Bonnie says:

    Now you need to post photos of the rest of your pouts! :D

  2. Kit-Kat says:

    Someone will have to catch me wearin’ one first! LOL

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