Going Back in Time

Last night I started digging through some of my boxes looking for jewelry box that contained an earring that a friend of mine gave me a bajillion years ago.  Instead of finding the jewelry box, I found a ton of old pictures and some birthday cards.  Two of the birthday cards were from my mom for my 19th birthday and I found a picture of me opening the card.  Those three items meant more to me then anything else I could have found.  It was so nice to see them all in the same relative area… that’s a pretty huge deal when you consider the number of times I’ve moved in the past 6 years.

Some other stuff that was in the bunch was a handmade birthday card from Rachel (also for my 19th birthday), the picture of me laying in a boat full of seaweed, and a few of my other favorite pictures from when I was little (like 5 & younger).  I wanted to bring them into work to scan today but I got distracted this morning & forgot them at home.  I also came across about 60 of my CDs from early-mid 90’s.

Oh!  And you wanna know what else I found?  A folder with all my cheers from my senior year and about a 2” thick stack of marching band music.  I was so happy.  Those are going in a box with all my other senior year stuff.

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