A 12-pack of ate light please, and victle you!

Warning: The above statement may come out if you have word completion turned on when you text and not check what you type before you hit send.

I do this to people all the time but most people that text me don’t use word completion so I never get to see what confusion I cause… until I got the above text from a friend of mine.  It took a little deciphering to figure out that she wanted a 12-pack of bud light please, and thank you!  Did you know that the same numbers that spell truck also spell usual?  Other commonly switched words go/in, of/me, he/if, home/good… to name a few.

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2 Responses to A 12-pack of ate light please, and victle you!

  1. kelly acha says:

    OMG, Jen!!! when can i victl you again? lol, I really do need to start reading my text before i send them!!!

  2. Kit-Kat says:

    LOL I laugh everytime I think about that text. I’m learning to proofread myself now. wink

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