Well, almost.

Here are the results from my goals last week…

Do 20-30 minutes of cardio two days this week
I went for a 15 minute walk one day and did an hour of yard work another day.  Not exactly cardio but at least it got me off the couch!

Get rid of 5 pieces of clothing I don’t wear anymore.
I found 3 shirts to throw away.  One is a t-shirt I’ve had since high school… yeah, 15+ years old.  I know there are more so I’m adding this back to this week’s goals.

Go through 2 or 3 boxes that are stored in the basement
Yeah…. this didn’t happen.  There wasn’t even an attempt at it.  I was distracted by the warm weather.

Get a pedicure
I bought myself the stuff do give myself a home pedi but I fell asleep too early on Saturday nights & was too involved with getting 100 Ingredients of a Kit-Kat done last night.  Back on the goal list for this week!

This week’s goals:

  • Do 20-30 minutes of cardio two days this week
  • Get rid of more old clothes
  • At least attempt to go through ONE box in the basement
  • Give myself the pedi
  • Finish the raking the yard and put down grass seed.


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