Oh, there it is!

I was totally expecting another crazy busy day today.  Yesterday I had 7 pages in about 8 hours, which is way out of the ordinary.  They figured today was going to be busy as well but it ended up completely and totally quiet.  I got paged once early but it wasn’t related to what I got paged for yesterday.  That was it… just once.  But at least with the quiet day I had the opportunity to clean my living room.  I can actually see the entire floor now instead of paths from doorways to furniture.  It’s amazing how much space wrapping paper and Christmas decorations can occupy.  On tomorrow’s agenda: finish decorating the outside of the house, make the inside of the house pretty and hang my garland. smile

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  1. Pauline says:

    Well, I’m glad you had some time to breathe today. It sure beats a couple of crazy days and nights, hey?

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