Thank goodness for holiday miracles

Yesterday Adam & I went to Marquette to do some Christmas shopping & to go to a craft sale his Mom was at.  We had a pretty great day & completed a good chunk of our shopping.  We were back in town – only about 10 minutes from home – and Adam decided to pass a vehicle.  All of a sudden we hear “THUNK!!” followed by us both saying “o-shit” and quickly pulling off the road.  As Adam was trying to get our truck to a safe location, we could hear something knocking near the back end and I thought I heard something dragging.  We both jumped out & looked under the truck to see if we might be able to figure out what might have broke.  Nothing visible.  We called 6 different people to see if anyone could lend us a hand getting us/the truck home but we had absolutely no luck.  We drove a little down the road to a location where someone could easily find us (in the event we could get ahold of someone).  We looked under the truck again to see if anything we could find anything out of place.  We tried everyone again but still couldn’t get ahold of anyone.

After about 15 minutes of trying to figure out how we were going to get the rest of the way home, we decided to put the flashers on & drive the truck home on back roads.  Adam figured it was something with the back breaks because they felt kind of spongie & knew we’d be fine as long as he drove slowly.  It took us about 20 minutes to get home.  Once we got here, we debated on whether or not we wanted to go shopping in town like we originally planned but figured we’d probably be better off waiting until we found out what the damages were on the truck.  Bonnie called me back around 9:30 and I filled her in on the situation.  She said she’d send Chip over in the morning to help Adam figure out what was wrong with the truck.

So… around 11:30ish Chip came over to give Adam a hand.  Apparently when they took the driver side tire off or the break drum apart or whatever they did, the break shoe fell off because it broke.  When they brought it inside to show me, it was wore down to pretty much nothing.  I thought “Whew, under $100 to fix this… Thank god!”  Chip & Adam ran to the hardware store to get new brakes for the truck.  It was less then $20!  Yahoo!  While replacing the rear brakes, they found that the passenger side broke, too, and was just barely hanging on!!  Chip was wondering if we just had faulty breaks.  All I can figure is that there was a lot of extra wear on them from when I hauled Adam’s camper home from Alabama (almost 1,300 miles) in February.  With all of the difficulties I had hauling the camper with it being so heavy and not having trailer breaks, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.  I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that the parts for the truck were only $20.  We were so proud of ourselves because we had most of our Christmas shopping done without it being a hit on us financially since Adam wasn’t working.  When I heard that THUNK all I could imagine was an extremely tight holiday season ahead.

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3 Responses to Thank goodness for holiday miracles

  1. Sharon says:

    So happy to hear that your broken brakes didn’t bust your budget!

  2. Jeanne says:

    I’m glad you made it home okay! Having broken brakes sounds kinda scary. Thank goodness it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to get it fixed!!

  3. Pauline says:

    I don’t like hearing those kind of thunks! Thank goodness it was an easily diagnosed, low-cost repair, and that you and Adam are safe.

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