Freedom from False Religion

Yesterday morning I was catching up on some stuff that I TiVo’d earlier that week.  Around 10:30 I heard a knock at the door so I went to answer it.  A guy handed me a pamphlet and said something or other then walked away.  On his way down the front steps he made a comment about our black pumpkins…  something along the lines that he’s never seen black pumpkins before.  So I explained that we painted them to go with our decorating theme, said goodbye, then closed the door.  I took a look at what he handed me… It said “Freedom from False Religion”.  I started laughing then tossed it in the garbage.  I wonder what made him come up to the house.  Was he just in the neighborhood (tho I didn’t really see him go to any neighbors), was it my tribal license plate on the truck, or was it my black skull fence.  I wonder what else he was thinking when he saw what I looked like…. I wasn’t showered yet so my hair was in a really messy pony tail, i had on an old dark flannel, and my eye make-up was smeared cuz I didn’t wash it off before I went to bed. hee!

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  1. Sharon says:

    Ahhh-Ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Between your yard and your appearance, he musta been to scared to stick around too long!

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