Ahhhh… Fall

I love fall.  I meant to post on Friday but I got wrapped up in my redesign.  I’m using an old skin cuz I love it but it took me a bit more tweaking then I was originally hoping for so the launch was delayed.

Yesterday Adam & I took a ride up to Marquette to go to a craft show.  I was pretty disappointed with the selection of autumn stuff there.  When I first started going to this craft show they had fall decorations everywhere.  Not so much anymore. :(  I ended up buying some grungy pillar candles and Adam bought homemade peach jam.  Afterward we went to Pier1 and Michaels.  Michaels had a great deal on Photo Boxes at only $1.50 each (they’re usually about $4).  I’ve been wanting to organize all the photos I’m finding everywhere so I was super excited.  I think I bought 6 boxes.  I really was hoping to find some stuff to make cards but when I started looking at that section I started feeling crappy.  I’m getting my annual birthday cold.  <sarcasm>Yay!</sarcasm>  Other then the rain, I really enjoyed our trip.  The leaves are really starting to change color up that way.  We’ll definately have to take another ride in a week or two so we can see the fall colors in all their glory.

Speaking of fall colors.  I wore my favorite fall sweater yesterday, which is a sweater that Pauline bought me a few years ago.  While we were at Red Lobster I noticed the colors in my sweater were the exact same as my autumn skin.  How weird is that!?  It’s purely a coincidence because the skin was made before I got the sweater.  Or was it?  *thinking* Nope!  WOW!  Same year.  I still think I had the skin done before I got the sweater, tho.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I was wondering why I couldn’t get ahold of you yesterday. Mmmm, homemade peach jam sounds really good! :-0 You went to Red Lobster?!?!

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