For about 8-9 months now I’ve been having issues with deodorant.  Secret Platinum is all I used for years.  I loved it.  It started to make me itch so I switched to just regular ol’ Secret Invisible Solid.  That didn’t help with the itchies at all so I switched again to Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry.  No luck there either.  You have any idea how irritating itchy ‘pits can get?  It’s been the cause of sleepless nights on a few occassions.  So…. today I decided to buy Dove Invisible Solid.  I also bought powder to use when I’m not at work.  I’ve gotta try something cuz the itchy pits thing is makin’ me crazy.

But anyway… Back to Secret.  I’ve heard from quite a few people that they have used Secret forever but it no longer works or makes them itch now, too.  I wonder what the deal is with that or if it’s just coincidence.

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