Well Holy Smokes

Back in February Adam & I went to the local job center to apply for the pool positions at the local paper mill.  We didn’t here anything back so we figured nothing come of it because it’s been nearly 4 months.  Apparently we figured wrong.  I got a letter today stating that I’ve been selected to complete the second step in the hiring process, which is taking a skills assessment.  YAY!  I’m sure there are still a million steps to go through before they hire IF they decide to hire.  I’m happy my name was one of those that were filtered out of the 8 million people that applied.  I have to be at the college by 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 24.  Thing is, I asked for that weekend off work because the pow-wow is that weekend… and one of my favorite bands that plays at the casino bar will be in town that same weekend… and I was planning on going out that Friday night after the pow-wow.  *sigh*  I guess my plans are gonna have to change now.  I wouldn’t want my skills to be improperly assessed because my head might be fuzzy.

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