I Looked & I Looked

I have to turn in “Educational Documentation” with my application.  I called yesterday to find out if they wanted my transcripts or if a copy of my degree would suffice because I thought I knew where my degree was.  Notice I said “thought”?  I can’t find it.  I’ve looked in every single box/bin that’s in the house and all but two boxes/bins in the garage.  Nothing.  My guess is that it’s at Adam’s mom’s house with a good chunk of my books but I’m not positive.  Guess I’m gonna have to called to have my transcripts mailed up.  It’s so hard to get ahold of the registrar at the school—which is why I went through the effort of looking through everything first.  I figured that would have been faster.  *sigh*

UPDATE:  I’m such a dumbass.  I found it.  What makes me a dumbass?  I knew exactly where it was because I remember putting it there two weeks ago.  Eh…. at least I found my HS Diploma in the process.  Time for me to take a shower now.

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