Ahhhhhhhhh…. Bliss

I Can’t Click Fast Enough.

I’m so excited I can barely even contain myself.  The Self Install Kit for my DSL line was delivered 20 minutes ago.  I saw the UPS dude park across the street and I got a little hopeful… that was until I saw him walk across the street into my driveway.  I literally ran to the side door, ran back into the living room (while I tore open the box), and started the install process.  I think I was more excited for this then when the FedEx dude arrived with Tivo.  For those of you who have seen how small my house is, imagine how funny it was to see me run from the front door to the couch.  During the install I was praying that the service would be active today & I wouldn’t have to wait until Monday.  It was!!!  Kickass!  Actually it activated during the install process but whatever.  This connection is SO much better then the one through sucky CableCo.


A friend of ours gave us a recliner they didn’t want.  It’s an fugly mauve color that doesn’t match anything in our living room but I’ll cover it.  You should have seen my hubby’s face when he sat in the thing.  It was priceless.

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3 Responses to Ahhhhhhhhh…. Bliss

  1. Bonnie says:

    Who cares if it matches? Comfort is what matters when it is free. :D

    Congrats on the DSL being available early!

    I was a procrastinator when I got my DSL package. I signed up on Tuesday, my hardware arrived on Thursday, the service was supposed to be active on Monday … but I didn’t connect until Wednesday. I suppose it was because I wasn’t going through withdrawals like you since I still had service.

    I do have quite the story about disconnecting my cable internet, tho …

  2. Pauline says:


  3. Jeanne says:

    I’m jealous… I wanna click really fast again.

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