On Vehicle For Delivery

Gaaaaaaaaaaaah!  I can’t stand it.  FedEx tracking is the best thing AND the worst thing ever.  My TiVo has been on the truck for delivery since 8 a.m. which means it’s going to be here anytime.  Now I have to find my supa long network cable so I can hook it up.  Dang, I wish I had a few extra bills to get a wireless adapter…. maybe next paycheck.

Last night I was watching Sex and the City, Season 6 Episode 2, and Miranda fell in love with her TiVo.  She was flipping through her recorded shows saying, “No, No, Maybe Later, gasp Hello…”  I couldn’t help thinking, “Yay!  That’s gonna be me when I get home from work tomorrow!”  tee hee

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