So Pink

On one of my breaks yesterday at work, I reached in my locker to grab my lotion when I noticed something.  It literally smacked me in the face.  Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, oh…. and Pink.  My purse has pink in it.  My iPod mini is pink.  My lotion is Winter Candy Apple (anti-bacterial to help get rid of eiwie public germs) which is pink.  My body spray is pink… it’s Gap’s So Pink.  And, of course, Berry Blistex.  Okay, so that’s only five pink things.  My lipstick was sitting there and it belongs in the same color family.  If I could find the faceplate I want for my phone, that would have pink on it.  It was really wild pink/red/burgundy stripe thing I found on e-bay once.  Yes, once.  I want either a pink or red holder for my PDA.

I find this rather odd because for the longest time I hated pink.  It was too girlie.  Just over a year ago I noticed that techie side of me was taking over and everything was looking drab and I needed a change.  Shortly after Adam & I went on our cruise and I fell in love with my fabulous red purse (which is sadly sitting on a shelf patiently waiting for me to have the money so I can have the zipper repaired).  Apparently my quest to get some color in my life took a sharp turn to the red family.  I even took a peek at my shirts and they’re dominated by reds and pinks.  I have to say, it’s much better then the sea of white t-shirts that I use to own but gah…  I think I need a color intervention.

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2 Responses to So Pink

  1. Bonnie says:

    My wardrobe has changed from reds to blues. I purchased red and pink shirts not too long ago in order to change that.

  2. Pauline says:

    LOL!! I noticed your pink flair a while ago!

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