Oh Yeah…

Craps class was mind-dumbingly boring the first two days.  I was ready to blow my cork from being so bored.  We finally started doing a little more today so it’s not so harsh now.  We found out there were only 6 full-time slots and anyone else that passes gets part-time.  Four of the full-time slots immediately go to the four current dealers (as long as they pass) – which only leaves 2 full-time slots for the other six of us.  I think I have a 1/2 decent shot but I’m not going to count on it in case it doesn’t happen.  I don’t think I’d mind so much if I were to deal part-time as long as I had an IT job somewhere again – or at least could pull together enough contract work to make me less irritated that I’m not working in my field. smile

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  1. Bonnie says:

    PSSSSST … I know this is off topic, but Annie misses Adam. This is big b’cuz she gets all excited over UncaChip just coming upstairs and going to the bathroom. When I ask her if she misses UncaChip or UncaAdam, she gets all teary just saying UncaAdam.

  2. /chitchat/smilies/jasons_smilies/rainbow/cheesy.gif So, it that a class in the Game Of Craps? And how to what….? Sorry I’m not too savvy about this…

    Here today from Michele’s Alphabet Game…and my letter was K and I chose you! Nice to meet and Greet you!</img>

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