The Plan

Friday Adam & I talked a lot about the days we were heading down to Mississippi.  It was looking like his cousin wanted to head back down either yesterday or today so we were trying to decide what day I should go down.  He was really concerned about me driving down alone.  No matter how many times I told him that I’d be fine & was looking forward to the trip, he was still concerned.  He called his cousin & since it wasn’t definate that they’d start working right away when they got down there, Adam said he didn’t want to leave here until he knew exactly what day they were suppose to start work because he didn’t want to be away from me any longer then he had to be.

Saturday while we were getting ready to go out, we decided to let his cousin take my Ranger down and Adam would wait until I was done working & drive down with me.  That way his Cuz can go down as soon as he wants (either today or tomorrow).  He is going to install a hitch on the Ranger so he can tow down a camper for one of the other guys, which will be nice cuz I’ll need a hitch to tow Adam’s camper anyway.  Adam & I are going to load up his truck with my stuff today & head up to Baraga tomorrow morning in time for me to go to work.  We’re trying to decide if we want to start our drive to Mississippi right after I get off work on Friday or if we want to come back here Friday & start our drive Saturday morning.

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