Praise the Lord!

I’ll post more about the trip later but I just have to post about one particular incident last night.

Last night Bonnie & I walked down to Times Square early so we could eat before going to see Movin’ Out.  After dinner we started heading toward the theater.  While we were waiting a woman asked Bonnie a question, to which Bonnie answered, “No, I don’t.”  I was curious what the woman wanted to I asked Bon.

Bonnie replies, “She asked if I knew where Jesus was.”  I paused and got the funniest, most confused look on my face.  Bonnie immediately busted out laughing then explained that there’s a show called “Jesus Christ Superstar” and the lady wanted to know if I knew where it was playing.  We laughed for at least the next too blocks.  I explained I probably would have been less confused if she would have asked where Jesus was playing. Buah-hahahahahaha!

Update:  Bonnie can’t find the show playing in any of the theaters so maybe she really did want to know where Jesus was.  Hey lady…. “St. Patrick’s cathedral is 4 blocks east and 8 blocks north.” (or something like that) heh.

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