Ho Ho Ho! We Are Santa’s Elves!

I figured I’ll post something in here other then pics for a change & I’m watching Rudolph during the elves singing so that’s my title.  I originally wanted to post a “Thank God November is Over” post because November kinda sucked and I wanted to keep in the “November’s already over?!” theme.  However, it was an icky post because the only good times I had were 1) when I joined the girls for a night out in Green Bay and 2) the week adam was home.  The rest of the month was pretty miserable.  And, no, I’m not depressed for those of you that like to jump to conclusions about my mental state.  It was just a crappy month (which is why I haven’t posted much this month).

However, I’m looking forward to December.  The Escanaba Christmas Parade is on Saturday.  Even though it’s a little parade I really want to go.  Especially since I missed going to the Green Bay Parade this year because I was packing.  I’m hoping it’s Pam’s week with Logan otherwise I’m dragging Bonnie & Chip and/or Esther to the parade with me.  I also have training next week in New York.  Then, the Broadway Spirit of Christmas show is at the casino on the 10th.  Note to self:  Remember to ask Mesh for tickets.  I have to come back to work the week of the 12th, which I’m not exactly looking forward to but is a necessity.  BUT – Adam comes home again the following week.  YAY!!  At one point I had something planned for the 17th but I can’t remember what that is right now.  Hopefully I remember what that is by the time the 17th gets here. Heh!

So anyway… I think I’ll get back to watching Rudolph.

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