Adam’s New “Crib”

Since I showed you pictures of the new truck and trailer, I thought I’d show some pics of the new camper, too.  It’s not brand new… it’s a 1998 pop-up camper but it’s new to us.  It has 2 king size beds and a pop-out dinette that converts to a double bed.  It also has a fridge, sink, stove, toilet, and shower.  Plus, it has a furnace if he gets chilled at night, too.

I’ll probably make a couple of slight modifications before we use it to go camping in the summer (like a different shower curtain & modify storage areas to make better use of them).  But for now, it’s better then anything he was hoping for just for the simple fact it has a shower and toilet – and he can cook his own food.

Note:  These pics aren’t from our camper.  I grabbed them from a couple of sites that have the same or a similar camper for sale.  For example, the pic below that has a right view of the inside doesn’t show the shower cuz that particular camper didn’t have one.  Our camper also has blinds in the windows instead of curtains.

Camp Floorplan

Outside View – Front Only (pop out dinette is in the back)

Inside – Left

Inside – Right

Dinette Area

Dinette Area Setup As A Bed


Cooktop & Sink


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