Rubberduckie, You’re the One

I just remembered this… I forgot to post it a couple days ago.

Chip:  Man, I have this song stuck in my head again.  It gets stuck in my head everytime I take a shower.

Adam:  What song is that?

Chip (singing):  Rubberduckie, you’re the one!  You make bathtime lots of fun!  Rubberduckie, I think I’m in love with you.

Adam (as we’re trying not to fall over laughing): Chip, that’s just not right.

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2 Responses to Rubberduckie, You’re the One

  1. Bonnie says:

    /chitchat/smilies/rotfl.gif That’s just too damn funny!</img>

  2. Pauline says:

    Ah-hahahahahahahaahha! /chitchat/smilies/jasons_smilies/rainbow/laugh.gif So, Chippy thinks he’s in love with rubber duckie!!!</img>

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