My Hero

Guess what I did today.  Well, actually, I we did it Saturday night.  I left my keys in the truck & we locked the doors.  Usually I’m okay leaving my keys in the truck because I haven’t been locking it when I get home from work.  But, Adam was driving Saturday & didn’t realize that I don’t lock the truck at home anymore.  So anyway, I had to call in late to work & have Adam come rescue me.  I know I should really have another key made to keep in the house but I’d have to pay whatever it is to have Ford make one for me because of the chip the have programmed in the key.  At least this time Adam wasn’t mad at me.  He actually kind of laughed.  I’m sure I’ll get harassed a little from him & Chip when I get home tonight.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    At least you have someone to rescue you. The only two times my key got locked in, it was in the office at work at two o’clock in the morning… and no spare key! Can’t very well call someone at two o’clock in the morning to come unlock the office!

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