“We Should Have a Thon”

A brief conversation from Saturday night.  I don’t know what reminded me of it.

Me to B (as we’re discussing purchasing DVDs for series that have ended):  We should have a “Thon”.

Adam: A thong?

B:  No.  A Thon.

Adam:  Yeah, a thong.

Me:  No.  A Thon.  Y’know, like a Friends-a-thon, a Sex-And-The-City-a-thon, a Dukes-Of-Hazzard-a-thon.

Adam:  Ohhhh ok.

On the way home…

Me:  That’s funny you thought I said thong.

Adam:  I knew you meant a marathon.  I was just joking.

Me:  A-HAHAHAHAHA!  Yeah!!!  That’s the word I couldn’t remember.  It’s a marathon, not a thon!

Adam:  Don’t go blogging this either.

Sorry honey.  I had to.  I’m just amused at the brain-fart I had.

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