Time to Make the Donuts….

Well, at least I was up early enough to this morning.  I woke up at 3:00 this morning after only about an hour of not-very-sound sleep.  Chip came up for a week to work with Adam.  Last night he decided to stay at our cousin’s house rather than staying with Adam & I.  He promised me that he’d be at the house by 3:00 so he ride to work with Adam.  Well…. 3:00 turned out to be 3:53 and Adam thought for sure they was going to be late for work because he usually leaves around 3:40.  They punched in at 4:01.  I, however, was so irritated I gave myself a stomach ache and couldn’t get back to sleep.  A tummy-ache combined with still tightly wound nerves and a severe lack of sleep almost made me upchuck in the shower.  Blech.

My plan for tonight consists of going to flirt with Jumbo, a small dinner, and lots of sleep.

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