I know, I know…. I haven’t posted in ages.  I’ve also been really horrible at responding to emails.  I really haven’t had much of a life outside of work.  Seriously.  I spent over 30 hours outside of work – on my own time – last week alone doing research, maintenance, etc.  I think I have a sickness… or a passion.  I can’t decide which yet.

Adam is on Spring Break this week so I’ve been making every effort not to bring work home with me.  We went out to dinner at The Library in Houghton tonight.  It was nice for us to be able to go out to dinner during the week.  After dinner we stopped at a coffee shop just up the block where Adam ran into a friend of his from work.  On our way out I asked where his friend lived.  Adam responded, “Tapioca.”  I looked at him very confused then bust out laughing.  “Tapiola, you mean?” I responded as I tried not to pee my pants or fall on my butt walking down the hill in my supa-high boots.  “Yeah!  That’s it!  Tapiola!!” Adam yelled.  Ohmigod I think that was the longest walk downhill I ever made.  Note to self: Don’t wear boots with high, skinny heels if you plan on using sidewalks in Houghton again.

OH!!! I completely forgot (but most of you know already)!!

Adam bought a pretty silver truck 3 weeks ago.  It’s a 2001 Ford Ranger.  Yes, another Ranger.  It’s my fault, tho.  I refused to drive his POS Ranger so he could take my car to Marquette anymore.  The weather has been really sloppy here so I haven’t been able to take a picture of it.  If the snow ever melts or we have more then 1 nice day at a time when the truck is home, I’ll take it to the carwash & snap a pic to post.

Oh yeah…. <vent>I get to drive the POS truck for a couple weeks again cuz a doorknob rammed into the back of my car in the parking lot at work today.  The car is fine.  The bumper is messed up a little more then it was from when I got rear-ended on our way home from our honeymoon but that’s about it.  I’m more irritated cuz the kid is claiming I backed into him.  I was backing up but was in the driving lane ready to pull forward when he came flying around the corner & smashed me.  And get this – before I decided to file a police report, he was accepting responsibility & ready to pay for damages.  I didn’t trust him so I reported it (crap car, crap clothes, young punk).  It wasn’t until the cops got there when he changed his story & said I backed into him.  I didn’t think there were any witnesses but I found out at the end of the day there was.</vent>  I think my car is jinxed.

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4 Responses to Peek-a-boo

  1. Bonnie says:

    YAY! Glad to see a post again since I don’t get to talk to you much. Congrats on the new truck.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Yeah! I’m glad to see you post again too! Ah-hahaha about Tapioca! Man, seems like your car is a magnet for being rear-ended lately! After the cops got there and “the pumk” changed his story, I would have casually mentioned to the cops about him claiming responsibility and offereing to pay for the damages.

  3. Pauline says:

    LOL!!! Tapioca! /chitchat/smilies/laughing.gif </img>

  4. Sharon says:

    /chitchat/smilies/jasons_smilies/rainbow/laugh.gif Is his friend’s name “Pudding Man”??? LOL!</img>

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