I can’t sleep.  I’m not exactly sure what has me wound up.  I’m not talking wound up like I’m irritated or anything.  I’m just not tired.  I wanted to get some Christmas shopping done today but that didn’t happen.  Apparently we don’t have enough snow so we need another 1/2 a foot for good measure.  I do have to say, though, it looks very cool outside.  The snow was blowing like crazy but it made what was in our yard very level – almost like it was fake.  It even shimmers.

I finally finished up my Christmas skin tonight.  Now I just have to restructure my templates.  I panicked a couple days ago when Domesticat’s site was down because I wasn’t finished going through her skinning tutorial.  I was VERY happy to see it was up tonight so I can finish the couple of sites I’m setting up for skins.

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