Yup… I’ve been hiding. grin  Actually, I was working on my family’s web site for the past few days.  I accidentally killed it yesterday evening & tried 5 times to resurrect it.  Finally this morning it dawned on me that it was just a really stupid mistake.  Note:  If you ever try to install Geeklog, take their advice and use notepad to edit their files.  I made that mistake once but forgot because it was so long since I played with the site.  I’ll never forget again.

So anyway, I ended up feeling a little better on Tuesday so I didn’t have the flu – just a cold.  Adam & I went out to dinner late Tuesday night.  Pauline & Sean tracked us down and surprised me with a cake and balloons at the restaurant.  We ended up taking it to the house since the restaurant was closing shortly.  It was very sweet of them. smile

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