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It’s been a busy few days around the house.  Seanie has been so much fun to have around.  Last night he came to the lanes with us for bowling & was a great little cheerleader (I’ll come back to bowling in a few).  Tonight we made supper together & cleaned the house a little.  He’s been soooooooooooo good the whole time he’s been here.  He even grounded the boys because they made a mess in their houses while we were grocery shopping after just being let outside. LOL.

So… back to bowling.  Wouldn’t you know it?  The first night of bowling – when I’m just establishing my average – I bowl a flippin’ 144 average for a 433 series.  I had a high game of 179.  You know me, I NEVER bowl a 400 series.  NEVER.  This should make for some interesting games in the next few weeks since my average is usually around 117-120. LOL.

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