*blink, blink*

Boy…. that was a fast ride to Green Bay & back.  I was gone a total of 9 hours. LOL.

BTW… did you know that if you hit a dead skunk in the rain it doesn’t stink as bad as when you hit a dead skunk when it’s warm out?  The vehicle in front of me hit it first then i ran over it & squished it then witnessed its guts flying from the passenger side tires on the car in front of me to the middle of the road.  EIW…. Peeeeee-you, too, while I’m at it. raspberry

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Wow, that was a quick trip. What’d you do in Green Bay?

    Ewwww about the skunk!!! At least you don’t have stinky hang onto your car for days!

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