I’ve Given Myself a Goal

I’m going to have my Network+ Certification by the end of next month.  Looking back at my goals for 6 months after graduation (Obtain Associate?s Degree, Obtain CCNA Certification, Get Married, Obtain position in networking field), the only goal I didn’t obtain was to get my CCNA Certification.  However, I decided since I need to dust off my networking knowledge, Network+ would be a better path to go.  If everything goes as planned at work, I’ll be taking a CCNA class this coming Fiscal Year to prep me for certification.

I think I’m going to have to adjust my 1 year goals which were Obtain MCP Certification, Buy a new car, Begin Bachelor?s Degree Program.  The only one of those that might possibly happen is the MCP Certification.  A new car is definately not going to happen & I decided to wait until next Fall to start school again – if I do.  I’m trying to decide where my $$ will be a better investment – education or certification.

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