I Wore a Hardhat & have Man-hands

I got a chance to learn how to pull wires today over in the new college.  Since we were in a construction zone we had to wear hardhats while we worked.  Two words – extreme overheating.  It unbearably hot in the building & I had no way for heat to escape my body cuz my head was covered with a big hat.  Not a problem though, I’d rather wear the hardhat then have a head injury.  It is kinda hard to judge how much room you have to move when you have an extra couple inches on top of your head.  I clunked my head & almost knocked the hardhat off more times then I can count. LOL :-D

And… my hands feel gross like man-hands (not soft & pretty like they’re suppose to) from pulling the cable through the conduit.  I’ll probably have to pamper the poor things tonight when I get home.  Plus, I need a shower.  Stinky & sweaty is gross. LOL.  ::reminding myself to wear “work clothes” tomorrow::

I am glad I’m getting the experience cuz I asked specifically to help with this project.  I know it sounds like I’m complaining but I’m not.  It’s just funny cuz I’m feeling so unlike me right now.  Besides, this is probably the hardest I’ve worked physically since I got in the field 7 years ago. I think I’ve been pampering myself too long or something… wimp. LOL!

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  1. Jeanne says:

    It won’t long and you’ll be use to wearing that hard hat and as far as those hands go… can’t you wear some type of gloves? LOL @ calling yourself a wimp!

    I wanna see a pic of you in a hard hat. :D

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