Where in the U.P. is Kit-Kat?

Yeah…. it’s been a few weeks again since I’ve posted.  I haven’t been on the computer much outside of work.  I check my email & that about it.  The DSL connection at Pauline’s is a little slow so I get irritated if I try to do anything on the web. LOL…

Yesterday I had to spend about an hour getting rid of the nasty Netsky virus on my system… it threw a bunch of crap files on there that took up about 12GB of space (yes, that’s gigabyte, not megabyte).  I have to reformat but I’m waiting until we get a speedier Internet connection so my updates don’t take a week to complete.

We’re still looking for a place to live.  The rental options up here stink.  We found a decent place in Baraga but the guy was a butt-head… we didn’t need the house furnished (which he was charging for) and we wanted the garage included (which he wasn’t originally including) so we offered him an extra $25/mo.  He said he’d have to talk it over with his girlfriend (WTF is up with that??) so we should call him back the next day.  Well, Adam called him back.  He didn’t want to rent it with the garage because he wanted to store the furniture in there and told Adam, “Thank you for inquiring” then tried to hang up.  THREE times Adam stopped him from hanging up & his “thank you for inquiring” crap to tell him that we would take the place without the garage for the amount he asked for AND he told him we’d probably be living there for a couple years.  We just wanted our own furniture (the house was completely empty).  What did the guy finally say??? “I’ll have to talk to my girlfriend about it so call back about 4:00.  Thank you for inquiring.” then hung up.  Dingbat idiot $@&*!? $&@?!#&.  I told Adam you should have asked him “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH?”  Well, Adam tried to call back anyway but didn’t get an answer.  After the conversation we were pretty sure we didn’t want to have a landlord that was that big of an airheaded anyway.  We also found a really cute place in Chassell but moving off the rez would decrease my income by about $200-$300 per month.  We’re still debating but aren’t sure yet because of the drive and $$ I’d lose in income, not to mention gas traveling back & forth.  *sigh*

We’ve been working on tossing a bunch of the stuff from the Powers house.  Tribal members can bring junk to the dumpster for free until Sunday so we’re taking advantage.  We already got rid of one truckload.  I keep looking through our storage sheds thinking that there’s got to be more stuff we can get rid of.  Yes, that’s plural – sheds.  We have so much crap we need 2.  We need to have a mass rummage sale or something.  OR… we just need to find a place to move in to.  Ahhhhh… our own bed, our own couch, our own TV with all of our videos, our own phone, our own speedy cable modem… *waking up from the brief dream*  Stupid crap rental options… Stupid mortgage-stopping bankruptcy.

Oh yeah…. I forgot one more just dandy thing.  We found out last weekend that Esther’s garage was leaking water so a ton of our stuff got wet.  As of last weekend our kitchen table & chairs were okay… hopefully the puddle that was forming didn’t spread to the area where we moved the stuff we had to keep there.  We’re heading back down this weekend to return her truck & move more stuff up here into our storage units.

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