No Longer WI Residents

Adam & I are no longer Wisconsin residents.  Well, at least we don’t live there…. Adam got up here about 11:30-12:00 last night with the last of our stuff.  We still haven’t had a lot of luck trying to find a place.  I saw an apartment that I thought we would have liked but wouldn’t have worked very well with our doggies.  It was a very small 2-bedroom apartment.  The back patio doors were through the master bedroom which led out to a large shared yard.  In the back of that large shared yard was a big doggie house.  The yard isn’t big enough for big doggie & 2 little doggies to get along… *sigh*  Not to mention, the utilites for this little tiny apartment were insane…. $80-$130 per month & they didn’t even have A/C.  And they claimed it was well insulated…. yeah right.  The utilities in our duplex without A/C on ran just about $90 and the insulation in that place sucked.  If I wasn’t concerned about the boys getting attacked by a big doggie, I’d probably take it anyway just so we can live on our own.  Looks like we might end up buying.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    That what happens when you go from city services to rural services or co-op vs. non co-op. I see differences like that on a daily basis because at work we are right on the line of two electric companies … depending on where the line is there is a much as a $80 difference per month for similar households.

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