Dose of Reality

Today I realized I’m gonna suffer from severe culture shock when we move back to Michigan.  No more Wendy’s or Cousins at lunch… no more taking a quick run to the large, fabulous grocery stores like Woodman’s or Festival Foods… no more having a decent mall only 15 minutes away… no more having awesome stores like Linens ‘N Things, Bed Bath & Beyond, or Williams-Sonoma at my disposal…

*sigh*  I’m entering back into WalMart-land and dinky-grocery-store-ville. LOL.  No wonder why we’re talking about living near Marquette full-time & me having a cheap, little apartment in L’Anse or Baraga instead of vice-versa.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Look on the bright side… just think of all the $$$ you could potentially save by not having all the store so easily at your disposal. ; D

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